Tacomans! Yes, you will directly benefit from Tacoma Creates.

Tacoma Creates is about enhancing access for all.

Public School Students

Tacoma Creates will enhance and extend arts, culture, science and heritage education for Tacoma’s youth and school-age children. Cultural organizations will partner with the Tacoma School District and other community-based or non-profit organizations to provide both in school, before and after school and summer programs in every Tacoma neighborhood and offer more field trips to arts, culture, science and heritage organizations.


Tacoma Creates will expand access for all Tacoma residents to arts and cultural events, venues, and performances. It will reduce barriers for participationand involvement at every level, including financial barriers, so that everyone has the opportunity to access arts, culture, science and heritage programs and facilities, regardless of their economic means.


Tacoma Creates will create new and additional resources for neighborhood programs and related cultural activities.  It will support community festivals, neighborhood activities and street fairs and large-scale city events. It will tap into and grow the creative spirit that makes our neighborhoods interesting and unique places.

Businesses and Jobs

The overall economy of Tacoma will benefit given the increased economic activity generated by an enhanced arts and culture sector. It will support greater tourism and attraction of visitors to Tacoma for cultural activities, as well as drawing Tacomans to our own neighborhoods and business districts. It will promote and support jobs in creative fields and enterprises.



Stay informed about Tacoma Creates and how we’re working to help our communities thrive. We’ll share other stories, too, about activities and events that help make our city a better place to live.



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