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Tacoma Creates is a program that’s working for you.

Tacoma Creates is a proposition passed by voters in November 2018. The program, currently in development, will provide more arts and culture resources to every neighborhood. It will expand equity and access to Tacoma’s arts, culture, science and heritage programs. It will increase opportunities for children and youth before and after school, and in the summer. Creative, cultural experiences will be accessible to all residents, especially lower income families and public school students.

Tacoma Creates will improve educational outcomes, reflect our diverse cultures and leverage our creative assets to create jobs and boost our economy.

Legislation for Tacoma Creates was unanimously approved by the Tacoma City Council for placement on the November 2018 ballot.

If voters approve the measure in November, the 1/10 of 1% percent sales tax increase will raise $5 million a year in critical funding for Tacoma’s arts, culture, science and heritage programs.

Tacoma Creates is not permanent. After 7 years, voters would need to approve an extension.



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