Do the arts matter to you? Tacoma Creates is your chance to vote your support.

Did you know it’s Arts Month in Tacoma? It’s your own city’s way to elevate the visibility and importance of arts and culture, right here in your community. The official call to action during Arts Month is to “have at least one new cultural experience with family or friends during the month of October!”

Why do it? Why should you and your family or friends experience art this month? Because research has shown, time and time again, that cultural arts participation improves educational outcomes, physical and mental health, multiracial social interactions,and both civic and civil engagement. In other words, the arts matter. To you, to your neighborhood, and to your city.

An investment in educational outcomes

Here’s what the data tells us: U.S Department of Education studies tracked test scores in math, science, and writing, as well as GPA, and found that youth engaged in cultural arts programs not only outperformed their peers, but were more likely to attend college. In addition, students who were more involved in extracurricular activities, volunteered in their communities more often. By voting for Proposition 1 this November, you’re helping to build the future leaders of your city.

An investment in health

It’s true for us and for our kids: Whoever participates in theater, dance, music, visual arts, writing or other expressive arts,  learns important skills. Like how to speak in public or how to write a compelling letter. Participation also keep people active and connected. These connections have positive impacts on stress level, health issues, and emotional wellbeing. It’s not just true for our youth, but for homeless people and for older adults as well. Which is why Tacoma Creates is for all of us.

An investment in our cultures

There are so many rich cultures worth celebrating in Tacoma, including yours. From Chinese New Year to Ethnic Fest, multicultural experiences help us celebrate our own cultures and our own identities. They also give us first-hand experiences with the cultures and identities of others. Through music, food, dance, theater, and in so many other ways, these in-person experiences build a better understanding of our neighbors and ourselves.

An investment in our community

How do you like to experience live theater? From a seat in the audience? Or as an actor on the stage? Studies show that both ways are good for us. Watching a theater performance or delivering a Tony-worthy scene on stage have proven to build community engagement. Theater helps us see real people saying words out loud and there’s nothing else like it. Maybe that’s why community arts, culture, science and heritage projects lead to greater social connections and inclusion. They improve connections across races and across generations. And they build a sense of community that’s not often found in other areas of our lives. Tacoma Creates will help make live theater–and so much more–available to more of us.