By Sara Kendall
The News Tribune | Opinion | Wednesday, October 31

Re: “Is the timing right for a new tax for the arts?” (Matt Driscoll column, 10/14).

In the medical world, doctors have learned that if we treat chronic conditions we can prevent some acute conditions from occurring that need more expensive solutions .

Driscoll fails to recognize the importance of funding arts, science and other programs for youth and less wealthy members of our community to create healthier whole children, to address a chronic issue.

Funding those programs will help prevent those children from growing into future homeless people, the acute problem, which will require more expensive solutions.

Tacoma Creates is worth supporting as preventative care for the whole community, particularly our youth.

Driscoll’s column was shortsighted in not recognizing the need to address the whole child. Countless studies show the benefits of exposing children to arts, science and cultural aspects of community, which Tacoma Creates will facilitate.